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Body and Hair Moisturiser

Grandma’s own recipe of shea butter blends with essential oils made with love for children with extremely dry skin and hair. 100% Organic specially designed formular for children with dry and sensitive skin.

With an aromatic aroma that soothes, calms, and balances and gives relief from itchy skin and scalp.

Opulent Kids Edition body and hair moisturiser is jam-packed with vitamins, like A B D & E. This enables smoother skin with long-lasting moisture.

Also helps to Fade scarring from Eczema psoriasis mosquito bites.


For Hair

As Opulent hair and body Moisturiser is a 100% Vegan formula with no chemicals, parabens or unnatural preservatives, but rich in antioxidants and conditioning properties, that give amazing results on your hair. 

When used as a treatment or a moisturising detangler before blow drying



  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Long-lasting moisture 

  • Gives hair shine and luster 

  • Repair dry skin, and damaged hair

  • Seals in moisture

  • Good for treating and detangling curly Afro hair 

  • Helps improve the appearance of scarring 

  • Easy to spread

  • Anti-aging properties

  • Improve skin elasticities

  • Not greasy 

  • Extremely absorbent

  • Amazing on dry cracked feet 



Use once a day for moderately dry skin or use twice a day for extremely dry skin

For external use only


Made in the UK

Opulent Whipped Butter

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